Having your car properly repaired is the key to avoiding further trips to the repair shop.

At Brain Master Repairs, our goal is to ensure your car is always running like new. We offer a wide range of repair services guaranteed to handle the toughest car issues possibles.

Engine Fix

Your car is making a funny noise that won't go away? We always provide a thorough car diagnostic which will find the problem, and our professionals will provide a solution. 

Electrical Fix

Electrical problems if not approached quickly, can escalate into numerous other problems. We are equipped with the latest tools, to get your car running properly fast.  

Other Services Provided

Mufflers and exhaust systems

Steering and Suspensions


Complete Computer Diagnostics


Complete Safety Analysis

Drivability Problems


Oil Changes

Car Engine

Check engine light is on? Bring your car right away for a complete diagnostic. We guarantee a complete engine check, fast turn-around and a reliable, professional services. 

Transmission Fix

Accelerating and going nowhere? Transmission problems can be a real pain. We have over 30 years of experience, in handling transmission related issues.